3 Tips to save money on a new car

Car dealers don't just sell cars they will push any related product that has juicy commision. Accesoiries, insurance or extended warranties are just some examples. Often thses product can be had from an idependant party at a serious discount.
Get insurance direct
Whatever you do don't buy your car insurance through the dealers. Dealers will do anything to sell you coverage, but they are highly overpriced. When they're folded into your car loan you will also pay interest on it! Stick to regular life and disability insurance through an individual policy.

Buy extended warranty independently
Be extremely wary of purchasing service contracts or extended warranties on new automobiles through your dealer. Many of them have very limited coverage (in spite of what the salesman may lead you to believe) and they cost much more than policies purchased directly from providers like *affiliate*.

Do your own small maintenance jobs
Change the oil and oil filter in your car every 3,000 miles, regardless of how often your owner's manual recommends. More frequent oil changes are the single most important factor in extending the life of your engine, and will more than pay for themselves in savings on repairs and engine wear.

source: http://financialplan.about.com/cs/cars/a/101Car_2.htm

3 Tips to lower your car insurance rates

1. Check you milage
Milage is a big factor in the calculation of your car insurance. Check your policy for "Annual mileage estimate". If you are driving less make sure you tell your insurance company ASAP! If you are driving less, there is less risk, so your insurance rate will drop!

2. Improve your credit score
Most insurance companies use your credit score to assess the risk you represent to them and set car insurance rates accordingly. Check your current credit score against the score at the time you signed the policy. If there's been an improvement you will be eligabile for a lower insurance rate.

3. Drive careful
Drivers with 3 violations pay 53% more compared to drivers with 0 violations found a recent study by insurance.com So if you are a careful driver that not had any accident or you haven't been ticketed for years then you are most likely eligible for a discount.

Bonus Tips for low car insuance!
There are many other ways to lower your car insurance rates.
Drive a car with safety features such as air bags lower the risk of damage. Anti-theft devices lower the risk of loss. Both lower the price you pay to an insurance company to cover your risks.

Combining policies is another neath trick to save money. When you offer the insurer to cover more then just your car you will have greater bargaining power. You could for example put several cars on a single policy or have your house insured by the same company.


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Refinance your car loan

Refinancing your car loan can save you a lot of money.
On average people save $50+ every month!

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10 Tips to Save money on your car

Cheaper motoring starts with cutting costs! This is a list of top tips to save money on your car expenses.

1. Save on your insurance
Compare insurance rates and start saving today!

2. Don't pay dealer prices
Buy replacemant parts for your car online.

3. Find the cheapest gas station in your area
Or look for it online with this tool.

4. Check your tires are properly inflated
Low tire pressure hurts your milage, big time!
Look in your car manual for the recommended tire pressure.

5. Refinance your car loan
Online brokers cut your monthly payments.

6. Do your own car maintenance
Find a good step by step guide and you save $$$ at the dealer.

7. Get a decent tool set and perform install and repair jobs

8. Make sure you have up to date navigation
Take the shortest route and avoid traffic.

9. Stick to the maintenance schedule
This benefits reliability and long term cost.
Change your oil sooner rather than later.

10. Sell your old car privately
The dealer will be able to offer more rebate on your new purchase.
Autotrader and eBay offer the best classifieds for cars.